UPSers Account Locked

Is your upsers account locked? or I got temporarily locked out. Need any assistance to unlock it? Still, after 15 minutes of temporary lockout, can’t able to access the account.

Upsers account lock is temporary only. We recommend the employees avoid accessing the website for 15 minutes. The temporary lock will be automatically released.

The best way to unlock would be, just to wait for 15 minutes.

UPS Employee Account Locked

upsers account locked

As a security measure, the employee Upsers account will be locked for 15 minutes if there is a consecutive three failed attempts. So the advanced security feature, allows the company to maintain a healthy infrastructure for the employees.

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UPSers Account Locked – Need Help

Do you require any help unlocking the Account?

There is no need to worry, about this temporary lock. Your login account is safe and secure. Just wait for 15 minutes, and the account will be unlocked automatically.

After 15 minutes, employees can get access to the UPSers portal with their employee number and password. Still, if there is any issue, then feel free to reset the password.

Are you temporarily locked out?

In case any employees tried to log in and failed 3 times, then their Upsers account will be locked temporarily for 15 minutes.

Employees can access login after the 15-minute lock-out is over with their same employee email address and password.

My Talent Center Support Help desk won’t be able to unlock the account.

If any customers want to reset their passwords, then they should try the “Forgot your password” link from the www Upsers com employee login portal.

Get in touch with Technical Support Center:

If any employees face any of the following issues, we recommend they connect with the Technical support center through this website link – Technical Support Center.

  • is down (Not reachable, or can’t able to connect).
  • UPSers portal is not loading (UPS computers only).
  • Cannot view Paycheck.
  • UPS University Support.
  • My Talent Support Center.

Just wait for 15 minutes to get the account unlocked. Even contacting the Technical support center to unlock the account won’t help.

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