UPSers – UPS Employee Login Portal

UPS Employees must access the UPSers login portal to access or update employee details, view paychecks, and request or print W-2 with userID and password. The official UPS employee website address is

Once the worker logs in to the official UPS enterprise portal with their employee id or username or employee email address and password.

Employees can access their personal details, request/print W-2, TimeCard, view Paycheck, W-4 tax deductions, and direct deposits through the upsers employee login‘.

Here is our detailed guide on how to access the UPS Employee login. We hope to help the UPS Workers with helpful articles.

For quick assistance, we recommend that UPS employees get in touch with the local technical support center or use the Techincal Help Form.

Upsers Login

upsers login

United Parcel Service, shortly known as UPS is an American company that offers to ship & receive parcel packages and supply chain management. The company was founded earlier in 1907 as an American Messenger company specializing in telegraphs.

UPS is one of the largest courier companies in the world offering both air shipping logistics services and receiving parcel/package delivery across the globe. Some Common carrier service companies competing with UPS are the United States Postal Service & FedEx.

The company employs many workers as package handlers in their warehouses across several regions in the United States. The driver is responsible for the delivery of packages & process of the service across the United States.

Available Services are:

  • Update Personal profile or information:
    • Preferred Email Address
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Emergency Contact
    • Direct Deposit
    • Tax deductions (W-4)
  • Request or Print W-2
  • View Paycheck

UPSers Benefits

Life at UPS offers several employee benefits, great healthcare, offers, and compensation discounts for its part-time and full-time workers. All the UPSers benefits can be accessed through the UPS Enterprise Portal login using their employee id and password.

Part-time workers are provided with full-time benefits with complete dental/medical coverage, comprehensive payments on time, and tuition assistance.

  • Tuition Assistance Program
  • Health & Wellness Program
  • Long-term Care & Support
  • Compensation & Savings Program – Official full site

The UPS Official Employee Login portal is used to manage personnel management such as email address, address, phone number, emergency contact, and direct deposits.

Recommended Browser Settings: Any latest web browser with Javascript support.

upsers com full website

The above-illustrated image is a representation of the official Upsers com full site. The official website has the company logo, title, and menu that includes, changing language, login, Logging in to the helpful guide, and in the footer section link to the other UPS Resources.

UPSERS Registration

Employee Registration is required and mandatory for the official portal. Before logging in for the first time, workers have to complete the registration process. Once registered users will be automatically redirected to the dashboard.

New members must have some details that are required to validate the employee’s identity like as.,

  • Email Address
  • Password
  • Employee number (Employee Id)
  • Employee PIN
  • Challenge Questions
upsers registration

During the registration process, workers have to fill in the above details. If later any employees wish to change, all these settings can be found under the Edit My Profile section.

Follow the below steps to complete the upsers registration:

  • Select the preferred language.
  • Click on the “Log in” button. A new window will pop up.
  • Enter [email protected], and click on “Next”.
  • Enter the Employee PIN and click on “Sign in”.
  • Expired Password? Will allow the worker to change their password here.
    • If not, create security challenge questions and answers.
    • Create the new password (Make sure to follow the strong security password ie., 8-26 characters in length).
  • Review and read the terms and conditions for the usage of the official portal and UPS Technology agreement.
  • Enter the email address or username id to access the UPS application.
As a security measure, passwords will expire after 180 days. So we recommend the employee to change their password here in case if it is expired.

Upsers Employee Login

UPS Staff or workers can easily log in to the employee portal in simple steps.

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • In the address bar: Type “” and press ENTER.
    • Select the preferred language, from a drop-down menu.
  • Login Credentials
  • Verify the entered details are correct and click on “Login”.
Upsers log in for first-time users requires a PIN number. If not received, we recommend the employees to contact the Local Technical Support center.

Problem with upsers com login password?

If any registered employee has forgotten their password, then we recommend them to follow the below procedure steps to reset the upsers login password.

  • Here is the Forgot Password Link from the UPSers Login page.
  • Click the above link to reset the employee portal password.
forgot upsers password
  • Verify the identity, and enter the username or employee number.
  • Click on the “Next” button to proceed to the next page.
  • There are 3 OPTIONS:
    • Challenge Security Questions
    • One-time PIN via E-Mail.
    • One-time PIN via SMS.
  • Employees should answer the security questions exactly as they did during the registration process or Via edit my profile.
  • Employees will receive their One-time PIN as an Email on their registered email address If the 2nd Option (One-time PIN via E-Mail) is selected.
  • Employees will receive their One-time PIN as an SMS Text on their registered mobile number If the 3rd Option (One-time PIN via SMS) is selected.

Wrong Valid ID or a Wrong answer is after the third attempt, and the employee’s account will be temporarily locked out. To unlock the account, kindly submit the Technical Help form to raise a request to get the account unlocked.

In case, customers can’t reset their password by any of the above options, we recommend the employees – contact the Technical support team through the Technical Help Form.

UPSers Paycheck

United Parcel Service of America, Inc Employees get paid every bi-weekly for part-time employees and every month for full-time employees. Both employees must check their “view paycheck” via the official UPSers login paycheck page with their user ID and password.

upsers view paycheck

For quick navigation, UPS employee login can be accessed through the upsers com view paycheck address URL, and enter their employee email address and password to view the current week/month payrolls.

Upsers Paycheck options can be viewed directly from the portal. The manager is responsible for the release of weekly paychecks, if not received contact them immediately. View paycheck instructions directly from the official login page menu.


All the employees must know about their shift timings & work schedules via Timecard Services. Follow the below process to view the employee upsers timecard:

  • Log in to the Enterprise Access Management portal or Follow the LINK.
  • Use the employee email address (ie., [email protected])
  • Click on the “Next” button and enter the password.
  • Now, employees can view their current week’s work schedules and shift timings through the TimeCard Menu.
  • If any employees want to apply for leave absence requests, click on the Leave Menu.
upsers time card viewer

Upsers TimeCard allows UPS employees to manage their work schedules, work timings, shift timings change, apply for leave, swap shifts, and many more.

Having any problem with your shift timings, feel free to contact the manager.

Direct Deposit

For any UPS employees who want to change or update the upsers direct deposit instructions, follow the below steps carefully:

  • Enter the official site – login.
  • Enter the User ID and password.
  • Click on the “Log in” button to access the dashboard.
  • From the dashboard, under the “Update Personal Information/detail” menu.
  • Click on the “Direct Deposit” menu to change or update the instructions.

If you need any assistance with direct deposit, feel free to contact the HR Manager.

Connect with UPS:

Any person can get in touch with the UPS Teamsters, through the below options:

  • Email support
  • Connect with UPS Virtual Assistant
  • Customer service phone number
  • International support number
  • Send a mail

Email Support

Follow the below link to send your queries through the email form -


If you wish to connect with UPS Virtual Assistant, Visit the official portal or the above link. Click on the “Ask UPS” button at the bottom right corner.

A virtual assistant live chat will prompt you to enter the queries.

Enter your queries or problems, and within a minute of time, a real agent will connect with you to provide a solution for your issues.

Corporate Office Address

55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta, GA 30328

Important UPS Phone Numbers

  • Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-404-828-6000
  • UPS Airlines number: +1-502-329-3060
  • The UPS Store number: is +1-858-455-8800

Customer Care Service Support Contact

We recommend the customers contact the customer help and support center or call the customer care toll-free number:

  • Customer Service Support Number: +1-888-742-5877
  • International Shipping Support: +1-800-782-7892
  • TTY/TDD Access (for the hearing impaired): +1-800-833-0056
•  The customer service is available from Sunday To Saturday from 6 AM to 1 AM Eastern Standard Time.

•  International Shipping support is available 24/7.

•  Employee or Customer Technical Support is available on Weekdays (7:30 AM to 9 PM and Weekends (9 AM to 8 PM).

Customers and Employees or anyone interested to know about the UPS company news, we recommend them to follow the @UPS_News Twitter page.

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