UPS Employee Discounts

Take advantage of the UPS Employee discounts program & get a discount of 8-16% on UPS Shipping services. Along with this, employees get access to the SmartSaving Marketplace where they could save more money on various products.

To make use of the employee discounts and save money, UPS Employees should have completed their registration through the link available at the portal.

UPS SmartSavings Marketplace is a part of the UPS employee portal, that has amazing offers and discounts on brands in travel, fitness, electronics, entertainment, and other categories.

UPS Employee Discounts & SmartSavings

ups employee discounts

If any employees wish to get a discount and use it as a benefit to save more money, then the employees must complete the registration in the UPS Employee Enterprise portal.

Follow the steps, to register for the UPSers Discounts program:

  • Enter the official website.
  • In the quick links section, find the “Employee Discounts” menu.
  • Click on that menu, and continue the registration process.
  • Enter the employee id number, social security number, and date of birth.
  • Click on the “Next” button to add additional details to verify employment with UPS.
  • In the final step, employees must read and agree to the terms and conditions of the discount program.
  • Complete the registration to avail upsers discounts, offers & deals on various products in mobile plans, vacation hotels, auto insurance, and entertainment.

If any employees want to read the UPS Employee Discount Agreements, we have shared the references here at – access to PDF document.

Along with this, the employee also receives several work benefits through the UPSBRC – a UPS Benefits Resource Center HUB.

The terms & condition agreement for the upsers employee discounts is as follow:

1. Eligible Employees

Any permanent employees who have access to, including retired and union employees, and residents in any of the 50 US States are qualified to register in the Employee Discount Program.

Other than this, any employees in other regions of the US & Puerto Rico, deferred retirees, franchisees and their employees, 3rd-party resellers, contractors, and UPS Vendors are not eligible.

2. Incentives

The company offers a discount to its employee when using any of the UPS parcel services. Employees can make use of the UPS Shipping service for personal and household use only.

Employees can’t transfer, share or resell the incentives with anyone. Employees should bear all the charges billed to their UPS account.

3. Use of e-Shipping information only

To qualify for any incentives, employees must use the UPS Automated Shipping system such as WorldShip®, UPS CampusShip®, or UPS Internet Shipping and provide Smart Labels on the UPS packages.

The packages must be dropped off at the UPS customer center in the employee’s current work location mailroom only. If dropped on another location, the incentives not be qualified.

4. Payment

Any payment has to be paid fully with all kinds of charges from the employee’s account within the period.

5. UPS Tariffs Terms of Service

Any UPS Services & their Tariffs comply with the Terms & Conditions of Service. These are subject to change at any time without any prior notice.

And are effective immediately after the shipping. The latest copy of the Terms & Conditions of the service, rate, and services is available at

6. Terms, Modifications, & Terminations

The term agreement becomes effective from the date when the employee clicks on the “Next and Continue” on the Employee discount registration page. Any modification to the agreement will be notified and should be reconfirmed again.

Regarding the termination, UPS reserves the right to modify or change the service rates, terminate any conditions, modify incentive rates, and extend the offer.

7. Confidentiality

The terms and conditions agreements are highly confidential, so the employees have to agree to the rates, incentives, and terms of the offerings. Also, employees must not share the information publicly in any website forum, or blog, as it’s against the law.

UPS Employee Discount Login Instructions:

  • Visit the official employee portal link, ie., Upsers
  • Login to the UPS Employee accounts with user ID and password.
  • From the main menu, select the My Life and Career menu.
  • Move to the next option – Discounts & UPS Merchandise.
  • Again, under this move to the: SmartSavings Discount Marketplace.
  • Employees can find the “SmartSavings” link at the bottom of the page.
  • Start shopping & Save money with these discounts and deals.

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