UPS run a Delivery Test with Drones

UPS revealed Tuesday that it has the first U.S. drone fleet authorization.

The company said it will use this authority to expand to hospitals and investigate other areas.

UPS CEO David Abney stated in a note that the firm will soon announce new actions to extend its infrastructure, expand medical services, and start deploying drones for other uses.

UPS, Uber, Amazon, and Google are betting on unmanned planes for package delivery.

UPS received the highest accreditation from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), allowing it to operate without limits on the number of flights, transport bigger cargo, and fly at night. UPS IT, Get delivered through the drone.

UPS has concentrated on shipping supplies between hospitals and clinics in North Carolina since regulators gave the green light last Friday, he added.

The clearance allows flights beyond the operator’s field of view and opens the door to lengthier drone deliveries.

UPS has tested a package delivery system to rural houses using drones flown from a vehicle, but it hasn’t indicated it will implement it soon.

UPS introduces a cheaper export service in Spain.

UPS expanded UPS Economy in Europe. The company announced that this export service is accessible in Spain, Belgium, Italy, and Poland. UPS Economy offers companies “a cost-effective way to reach customers outside the EU,” the parcel service said.

This solution is targeted at B2C companies that want to export to key e-commerce destinations outside the EU “affordably,” the company said.

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According to the operator in a statement, “It is one of the services that can assist enterprises in extending their e-commerce operations around the world at an affordable cost,” it told the media.

The operator will upgrade its website to simplify international shipping.

UPS updated its website to simplify international shipping for SMEs in 116 countries.

This improvement will simplify international shipping throughout 2020.


UPS wants to adopt measures for SMEs “to accelerate the network and increase weekend operations, actions that will promote competitiveness and growth.”

Due to significant growth in the U.S., UPS ended 2019 with a 3.1% gain in revenues and a turnover of 66,965 million euros.

The operator will invest heavily in 2020 to promote SME competitiveness and profits.

It will also invest 6,057 million euros in global expansion and process automation.

UPS CEO David Abney: “We will continue to strengthen our network and build new solutions”

UPS buys 10,000 electric vehicles for distribution

The US multinational also invested in Arrival, a maker of electric last-mile commercial vehicles.
UPS invested in Arrival and plans to buy 10,000 electric vehicles designed by the business.

It will also help Arrival create electrified vehicles with ADAS (ADAS).

This technology can automate movement in UPS warehouses to boost safety and efficiency.

The logistics operator said ADAS tests will begin in 2020.

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