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Are you looking for a Upsers app? Is there an app for Upsers? Does upsers have an app?

Is there any Upsers mobile app on Google Play Store or Apple App store?

For all these questions, there is only one solution and here it is.

NO.!!! NO.!!! NO.!!! – There are no mobile applications for UPSers to be accessed from the mobile.

– From the official portal

UPSers App – Official Apps from UPS

upsers app

UPSers app is not available for employees on the Google Play store or Apple App store.

But other apps which are available online can be used for UPS employees & customers.

The UPS Brand Identity

  • UPS Mobile
  • UPS Mobile Delivery
  • UPS Access Point
  • UPS Global Pickup & Delivery

Also, check the employee login to view employee information.

UPS Mobile

UPS Mobile App will help customers easily manage their shipments, get tracking updates on packages, find the nearest UPS location, and much more with UPS Mobile.

  • Track Shipments: Delivery alert, tracking the package locations, updating delivery location, or changing delivery date.
  • Ship any packages: Calculate shipping cost calculation, and delivery times, track package measurements with in-app dimensions tools and create the shipping label and shipment requests.
  • Find the nearby UPS location to prepare the package, and collect or send the shipments.

UPS Mobile Delivery

UPS Mobile Delivery allows UPS employees to work conveniently on the road with their personal mobile devices. Employees can perform the delivery and pickup operations on the road with the UPS Mobile Delivery App.

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UPS Access Point

ONLY the registered and authorized person or location can able to access the UPS Access Point app.

Here are the main services available are:

  • Driver Delivery
  • Customer Pickup
  • Customer Drop-off
  • Inventory Management

UPS attendants who are working in the Access Point locations can manage the onsite package inventory. Timely scans are accurate that allow customers to have accurate up-to-date package track visibility status of their delivery parcel.

UPS Global Pickup & Delivery

UPS Global Pickup & Delivery (GPD) app is a modern mobile application to easily identify the different stop type packages such as COD.

Some main utility of the application is:

  • Delivery
  • Pickups

Had you found the answer for the Upsers app? There aren’t any applications for UPSers.

However, there are other applications available from

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