UPSers Timecard Viewer Login

Are you looking to check the Upsers timecard viewer to check the number of hours you have worked this week? Is the time card viewer showing the wrong data, need any help from UPS?

Ups employees need to access the Timecard Viewer in the portal to know more about the total no.of hours they have worked this week.

Employees can quickly access the Time card viewer on the front page.

UPSers Timecard

upsers timecard viewer login

Timecard is a term used to calculate the total number of hours the employees have worked, in a decimal value. So that it would be easy to calculate the total wages of the employee.

For example: If any employees have worked for 7 hours 30 minutes then the value will be 7.5. Here the value 7 represents the total hours and 30 minutes represents the .5 value.

So the wages will be calculated by 7.5 and the wages per hour is $10.5, the total wages for the sample employee would be $78.75 on a particular day.

In case any employees had stuck with Upsers account locked, try requesting technical help from the customer care service.

UPSers Timecard Viewer

UPSers is a generic term for the people that carry out activities for the company. The application can be used for multiple types of employees such as part-time, hourly or salaried.

The activities are organized into the company structure according to the type of assignment
(eg. drivers, loaders, delivery persons, etc).

The UPSers Timecard application is used to store and manipulate information about time
taken and paid by the workers of a company.

UPS has its own Timecard viewer system on the Upsers front dashboard portal. The system will track the employee’s in and out time to calculate the no of hours worked daily.

Once the work hours are calculated, based on the employee’s hourly wage – the total wages for the employee will be calculated automatically.

Just in case the wages are not updated correctly, kindly allow some time in case of a holiday week or holiday hours taking some extra day or hours to get updated. Get in touch with manage ups hr.

It is used to control billing for overtime, manage the payroll system and track the total time spent by the employees in the company. The user interfaces of this application are used to view the data that is stored in the system and to calculate overtime pay.

How to Access UPSers Timecard Login

UPS employees must be able to view the Time card viewer directly from the official enterprise portal. Sometimes, they might have never seen it on the front page.

On mobile or desktop, the option will be shown on the front page.

Here is a quick procedure to view the Upsers timecard login on the front page:

  • Visit the official website of the ups employee portal and use the Upsers sign-in option.
  • Enter the employee email address (ie., employee number @
  • Enter the password for the Upsers account.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to access the dashboard.
  • In the dashboard, you will be able to see the “Timecard Viewer” as pinned onto the page.
  • Click on the “Time card viewer” to view the total no of hours you have worked at UPS.

We have shared the quickest way to access the ups timecard for employees on We hope you have found this article to be useful. Feel free to comment on any issues.

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