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If you are looking to check the status of your orders or your customers’ shipments, you have come to the right place. Then you should definitely read this essay.

You will get knowledge on the tracking alternatives that UPS provide as well as the primary customer assistance channels that the company makes available.

In the event that you sent your package using UPS. See the comparison between UPS vs USPS vs FedEx, What is Better?

It is helpful that you are able to discover the branch that is geographically nearest to your house or business and are aware of the hours that it is open.

Options to Track My UPS Package

Because of this, UPS has developed a number of tracking systems that may provide you with the specific information that you require regarding your goods.

STEP 1: With Reference Number

When a package shipment is initiated, You have the ability to give it a reference.

To give only two examples, a customer number and a purchase order number (up to 35 characters). It enables you to track packages without requiring you to enter tracking numbers.

UPS Mobile Notification

Further, You can get text message alerts from UPS Mobile on any device that can receive text messages regarding package delivery or status changes as long as the device can communicate with UPS Mobile.

Additionally, you can create packages, arrange a pickup, or search for the UPS facility that is closest to you. At any time, at any location, using your mobile device of choice.

STEP 2: Using, UPS Mobile Android App:

You are able to receive crucial shipping information whenever and wherever you choose with the help of the UPS Mobile app for Android. You can download it from here.

Track your shipment package:

To check on the delivery of your packages, either key in or scan the number that is printed on your guide or information notice.

In order to make future reference easier, please give your submissions a nickname.

You can access the guide numbers of up to 75 shipments that have been saved.

STEP 3: For iOS users, UPS Mobile in App Store

If you have an iOS device, the UPS Mobile app will enable you to receive crucial shipping information whenever and wherever you want it. You can download it from here.

Track my package shipment

Keep an eye on your shipments, including goods and cargo.

To check on the delivery of your packages, either key in or scan the number that is printed on your guide or information notice.

Include aliases in your entries for ease of future reference.

You have the option of saving up to five guide numbers in your monitoring list.

The employees of UPS have access to a unique ups benefits hub, including the ability to track all of these things utilizing their business site.

App Features for

Find a place to stay.

Find the UPS store closest to you by using your GPS device.

Toggle between a list view and a map view.

Utilize the filters to conduct a more targeted search.

Send along a parcel.

On, you can rapidly create shipments by using your preferred delivery method and payment method.

Make easy work of entering information by using your UPS directory.

Shipments can be made as guests even for those who do not have a UPS ID.

Get Quotation

Get a quote for the pricing as well as the transit time.

Converting your quote into a shipment will cut down on the amount of information that needs to be entered on the shipping screens.

Formats for a UPS Tracking Number

The following are the most typical configurations of the tracking number:

  • 1Z1111111111111111
  • 111111111111
  • T1111111111
  • 111111111

The following kinds of directory numbers, which can have anywhere from 7 to 20 characters, are likewise monitored by UPS.

Freight Shipping Guide Numbers for Less Than Full Truck (LTL) and Full Truck Associated with Delivery Order and Sub-PRO Numbers (TL).

Internal Air Waybill is a document that is utilized for the transportation of air cargo.

Used for maritime freight and other forms of internal shipping.

Use the PRO number when talking about ground cargo.

Announcement from UPS: A barcode notification. Included is a 12-digit reference number, which, in some countries, will be provided on the very first delivery attempt.

Notice from UPS Regarding Service: Please be aware that it will be delivered on the very first attempt to deliver it in certain countries.

Contact Number for UPS.

Dial this number: 1 800 743 3877

Help with technical issues: (800) 714-6535

Using the appropriate reference numbers and e-mail addresses, the customer care department is available around the clock, every day of the year.

If you plan to send your package using UPS.

It is to your advantage to locate the branch that is geographically nearest to your house or place of business. Be aware of the hours they are open for service.

You can also send any inquiries or feedback to UPS through the online form that is available on the website.

To put it into action, all you need to do is fill out a few fields with your information, including your email address and the nature of your support issue.

It is essential to be aware that the question can be answered within one business day if it is sent as an email.

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